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We are competing for the best lawyers, and lawyers who feel comfortable in our culture of excellence, integrity, client service, diversity and inclusion, community and collegiality. These words represent McGuireWoods’ core values.

Aligning professional interest and personal preferences with openings is a top priority. Professional satisfaction enhances our culture, and — more importantly — our ability to serve clients with excellence. Through meeting with our local recruiters, McGuireWoods offers you the invaluable opportunity to assess openings and office locations.

Do you see yourself at McGuireWoods? Find out by speaking with one of our attorney recruiters.

Partners – Firmwide
Françoise Bebla
Director, Lateral Partner Recruiting
+1 310 315 8227

Associates – Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Tysons
Allison C. Shanahan
Attorney Recruiting Manager
+1 412 667 6041

Associates – Charlotte, Columbia, New York and Raleigh
Alison R. Rogers
Attorney Recruiting Manager

Associates – Chicago and Houston
Amber C. Davidson
Attorney Recruiting Manager
+1 312 849 8262

Associates – Charlottesville, Norfolk, Richmond and Washington, D.C.
Courtney N. McHugh
Attorney Recruiting Manager
+1 804 775 7628

Associates – Atlanta, Austin, Dallas and Jacksonville
Megan E. Sandahl
Attorney Recruiting Manager
+1 404 443 5670

Associates – Los Angeles (Century City), Los Angeles (Downtown) and San Francisco
Jessica Orozco
Attorney Recruiting Manager
+1 213 457 6627

Jane E. Gritt
Human Resources Manager
+44 20 7632 1635

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