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McGuireWoods is a great place to launch your career. We bring on high performers with strong academic credentials and experience who are dedicated to client service, teamwork and excellence. In turn, we deliver a rewarding, supportive firm culture focused on your success, growth and development.

Entry Level Hiring

While McGuireWoods relies primarily on its summer program to bring on entry-level associates in our U.S. offices, the firm welcomes applications from third-year law students to fill any remaining needs.

On-Campus Interviews

7/20/18 & 7/21/18 Southeastern Minority Job Fair (SEMJF)
7/24/2018 CCBA Minority Job Fair
7/30/2018 Southern Legal Interview Program (SLIP)
7/31/2018 Duke
7/31/2018 UC, Berkeley
8/1/2018 Northwestern
8/1/2018 Georgetown
8/1/2018 USC Gould School of Law
8/2/2018 University of Pennsylvania
8/2/2018 UCLA School of Law
8/3/2018 Loyola Law School, Los Angeles
8/6/2018 Harvard
8/6/2018 Notre Dame
8/6/2018 University of Chicago
8/6/2018 MCGC (Midwest-California-Georgia Consortium)
8/6/2018 DePaul
8/6/2018 University of Baltimore
8/6/2018  UC, Hastings
8/7/2018 University of Maryland
8/7/2018 Ohio State University
8/7/2018 Duquesne University
8/7/2018 Loyola – Chi
8/7/2018 UNC
8/7/2018 Illinois
8/7/2018 Wake Forest
8/7/2018 Richmond
8/7/2018 UVA
8/7/2018 Vanderbilt
8/7/2018 Illinois Institute of Kent
8/7/2018 SMU Dedman School of Law
8/7/2018 UC, Davis
8/8/2018 University of Georgia School of Law
8/8/2018 William and Mary
8/8/2018 Washington & Lee
8/9/2018 Georgia State University College of Law
8/9/2018 George Washington
8/9/2018 Stanford
8/10/2018 University of Pittsburgh
8/14/2018 Santa Clara University
8/14/2018 University of San Francisco
8/20/2018 Howard University


Judicial Clerks

McGuireWoods looks for applicants with strong academic credentials and experience, and that includes valuable judicial clerkships. A number of our lawyers have clerked for judges, with seven clerking for U.S. Supreme Court justices.

 Scholarship and Clerkship Programs

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